Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Flowers & Weldbond

Background are made with Mother of Pearl tiles...the rest are glass & I wore a hollow in my abrasive stone shaping the leaves & petals,etc...on these 2 mosaic projects.
The Sunflower piece was inspired by my Love for Sigalit Eshet, a mosaic artist.

I highly recommend 'Weldbond' Adhesive for mosaics tiles, mirrors, glass, vitreous, porcelian, it actually gets harder & stronger as it dries & continues to do so after it is dry.
This still needs to be grouted.


 This I designed for my son Erik. 
Because I Love him so very much.
This is ready to hang

Another stone drying...These are very fun to do.
I added rhinestones around the edge.

Here are 2 works in progress..our home numbers & another inspiration from Sigalit Eshet.

 I want to make every project in this Beautiful book.
I wish I could source Ceramic tiles though, they are hard to find in colors.
This 'Tree' is an inspiration from one of Sigalit Eshet's Book.
with some added found objects, cross, 2 birds, a 'rock', purple flowers...you have to look closely to see them...so click on pic twice.

My Husband is sealing these rocks before I get a chance to clean off his grout marks...GGrrrrrr

 Inspired by the wonderful Sigalit Eshet!

Another 3" pot

My 1st mosaic before I really knew what I was doing..In hindsight I would definitely have cut the china smaller.

May God Bless you All.

Monday, May 14, 2018


For me Spring/Summer is a time for making Mosaics...Clay pots, Bird baths, Stepping stones & Cinder blocks to edge the stepping stone path.
I've done numerous planters, some still being grouted & sealed or drying in the garage.
I prep everything, whether it will be inside or outside with 3 coats of 3:1 PVA glue & water..I use Wellbond or construction glue for adhesive or Thinset for other outdoor things...Let dry at least a day or 2. then grout & let dry at least a day.
Then 3 coats of sealer...weatherproof or varnish.
Let dry 2 days at least..the longer you let each step dry, the better the bond will be.

This is a 2" pot

 Made this short so the Chippies could access...It has 4 perches.

This is a 3" pot
This is a plant stand.

Will be posting more pics as they dry.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Bonnie's Texas Braid

Another Bonnie pattern 'Texas Braid'
I really Love this pattern...Her version quite large. 93" X 103"..I am not making mine that big! As Gorgeous as that would be. Besides my design wall isn't big enough for those measurements.
I had this kitted up for awhile..when I opened the artbin everything was already cut & ready to sew!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

CW Quilt & a Table Runner

My CW quilt is another Fini...blocks designs by Bonnie's friend Randy @ Barrister's Block Blog..
My Mr. is painting my rails, so it will be a few more days before I can quilt some more...Erik asked me when he can quilt again...Awww..... a Son after my own heart.

It seems he is enjoying the sewing process too.
He's working on a table runner for us.

And here's the fini runner

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Grand Illusion Fini

I'll cross this one off of my WIP list..
First time using my mid arm & 12' frame..still needs tweaking.
Fresh out of the wash.

It's being fussy about thread...It doesn't like Aurifil 40wt. but it works fine with King Tut 40 wt.
It's a Consew 7360R with a laser light

Next to quilt is my CW Farmers Wife quilt.
What a good Son, giving his Mother a break..

 Please disregard the ugly basement