Sunday, September 25, 2016

Barbara Brackmans Threads of Memory 2014 BOM

Here is my flimsy quilt. cornerstones are presidents & I mitered the border. 60* angles, applique & y seams. Lots of re-sizing the templates. Lots of fussy cuts too, which is so fun...She asked me to send her a pic of it!

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And here's a quick pillowcase I made this morning using my girlfriend Vics tutorial here.

                                   Here's one I just made for my Mr.

                                            Til next time...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

My Houseplants

I've been busy propagating my water, moist soil, cane cuttings, etc....My Spider plants won't stop making babies....I've a new mini Green house I picked up on Amazon for $26.
Put in a couple grow lights & a cheap fan...And I put the cover of a big tote bin down underneath it just in case....

Also my Mr. put a shelf up in my kitchen window for me where I propagate in water mostly...
The Red vase has pink Zinnias that reseeded themselves from last year..and I cut a bunch of Dill & Lavender to dry..hanging from the basement door.

From seed I planted Spinach, Oregano, Thyme & Sage. The Thyme & Spinach are already coming up....Want to plant them in a strawberry pot but they are as rare as Hen's teeth..So I'll think of something else.

Holiday cactus blooms are Coral...South window
Spider I just brought in from outside. I hung it on the Sycamore in shade all summer...South window.

Spathiphyllum my Mr. bought me...South room under the Hope Philodendron.

Neon Pothos from my Mr.  ...East window.
My favorite, Marble Queen Pothos. which I've since hung..East window.
My 10 year old Lantana I just brought in from outside. She gets full sun all summer..She's in the South window.
My kitchen shelf my Mr. put up for me...Faces North.

Succulent dish of which I do not know their names...South room away from the window.

1 of 3 Amaryllis coming up.

The 2nd Amaryllis & a cactus dish..This dish I put out every summer. well, it got the point of being soo crammed with cacti I had to have my Mr. wrestle it apart. Saved a few of them but threw most of them away...South window.
This geranium piece fell off of my main Geranium outside. I was pruning it & I guess I knocked it off...South room.
Draceana 'Janet Craig' Last year I had to cut the upper half off because it was too top heavy...the top half rooted & is planted to this ones left...North window.

This is the top to the other one. Same window.
This holiday cactus is actually 2 varieties I planted together, and a baby spider from the Mother plant...West window.

This is a baby of The one I just brought in from outside. In fact all the Spiders you see are from that Mother plant...north window.
I planted up my 'Hindu Rope' Hoya that my Mr. surprised me with...I crocheted the hanger too...East window.
5 more Succulents I don't know the name of...East window.
'Moonlight' Sansevaria...East window.
My 'Bella' Hoya I received in a trade from my Garden Web forum on Houzz...East Window.
Yep, 2 more Succulent dishes. The one on the left is a Haworthia, the other dish has 2 mini Jades & a Haworthia in the middle...East window.
Another dish of Succulents that my Angel is watching over to make sure they don't die...South window.
Pink Anthurium, it's a tropical...In the greenhouse.

This is before lights & fan.

It's bigger than I thought it would be...the bottom shelf is still empty.
My 'Hope' the South room on the west wall.
Holiday cactus blooms are Rose color...South window.
My Carnosa Hoya & Hindu Rope Hoya..I have since hung the Hindu Rope because it trails...East window.
My Calathea 'Ornata' my Mr. bought for me...In the greenhouse.
Geranium 'Baby Dress' (Rhizome) in the greenhouse & a 'Angel Wing' Begonia (Cane) in the south room away from the window.
Well, that's it for now...will give updates as they happen.   Thank you for visiting.

 Here are some more....    
Purple Heart
Variegated Purple Heart  

Pilea 'Dark Mystery'
Hoya Carnosa Variegated
Blue Star fern
Croton 'Cordiaeum'
Philodendron 'Brasil'