Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pinterest idea

I was posting new boards on my pinterest page and came across this Lovely tablecloth idea....I was saving vintage tablecloths at the time...I made a runner as well with ric~rac.

             Its 2 towels X 4 towels...I don't have my leaf in     
                                        so its on the smaller side.  
this is the other side....most of the towels if not all are linen, the newest ones could be cotton though.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Machines For Sale

I'm selling 3 of my machines. I have too many & I have my eye on something I want to buy.
Please go to "My Machines" page and scroll down to see what's for sale. Maybe something will fancy you....or not....I had 4 for sale but the Queen sold fast..

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Moogly's 2015 CAL fini!

I've been working on neglected projects..

Moogly's 2015 CAL. Nice fit for the sofa      
Border from Edie Eckman's Borders book. Border #93.

Love this yarn...using Noro Kureyon...also beaded the tips of scallops. 

Always wanted a Smoke I'm knitting one.

                                                            Blessings Everyone  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Prayer Shawl & other Things

Been busy crocheting and knitting..It's been so long since I've knitted I forgot how to bind off!..I'm knitting a Smoke ring I've been wanting for a long time now..I really think I was born in the wrong time era..

I also printed out some images on fabric to make my Prayer Book..

and I spruced up our Love shrine I made years ago..  

               For my Prayer book..with crocheted edges. Premier Enchant & Lion brand Midnight Mohair. 

I kept running out of yarn working on the prayer shawl, so it looks kind of Gypsy/Boho.

              See what I mean..
            That's reading as purple but it's not....I will only be wearing this in the house...Haha.

    Here are a couple progress pics of my Snood...I'm using Noro Garden ..  on size 8 needles....thank God I made stitch markers or I'd be very lost..
I beaded the tips on the snood, hard to see.

                            Well, that's it for now Peeps..
                                       Blessings to all 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Finished rug

My crocheted rug is fini. I used scrap 2.5" strips to make it more cushy. These are so fun to make..I used a size S hook. Then switched to a Q hook for the scallop border. I started this one on Saturday.

       I'm linked to. Monday Making

                      Design Wall Monday
                      Oh Scrap!

       I make these rugs to put under my machines so I don't have to chase my foot pedals around anymore.

                             And my design wall is up and running...          These are Barbara Brackman's 12" blocks from TOM BOM.
                It's a big design wall and I will use all of it.  

                                       Blessings Everyone


Monday, June 6, 2016

Big Black Bear

The other night around 10:00 pm while watching tv, the Mr. heard clawing on the house right out side the window that I sit in front of. So he gets the flashlight and looks outside and sees a bear! A big bear. This bad boy had already gotten to my heavy duty metal double hook w/2 feeders...mangled all 3, the feeders are metal, my best ones....He also mangled & destroyed my big metal one on the big Maple. We keep the seed in a galvanized barrel with a 30lb. or so rock on top. The barrel was laying on it's side & he had his huge head inside the barrel. The corn cobs were strewn all over the place..

My Mr. went outside with his big flashlight to try to scare him away. It worked...for 2 minutes and he was back...

I have 2 feeders that hang from the soffit, that's what the clawing was all about. So my Mr. hung them even higher..All seed & corn are in the garage now..

We found out by the nice policeman who arrived that the town has been searching for this bear for a couple weeks..They spotted him a couple times but he got away..He said it was the biggest bear that they had ever seen here. They said he's 800-900 lb. and wouldn't be surprised if he weighed more.... They notified all the horse owners to tell them to shelter their animals at night. 

I think we were lucky..

When the bear finally left after feasting, he headed towards my neighbor who has 3 horses, one of which is small. Not a miniature, but a little bit larger. A Fjord, who is huge himself. And a quarter horse. I was nervous for the little horse. But the Fjord is usually always near him. The little black horse follows him everywhere.

Well in other topics, I've been crocheting another rug for my sewing room...they really help to keep the foot pedals in place. This time I decided to use 2.5" strips for a more cushy rug.

I'm still working on it..
I'm getting ready to switch colors for the border.

And here are a couple more pics of work I've been doing..
Finished this yesterday..Waiting for the red lamp's glass top to come in the mail.
My Book storage..Love my books.
                                  Blessings everyone..     

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Some Progress

There has been some progress in the sewing room, but not finished yet...still have to put sliders on the cutting table....still need a design wall & a drawer near the computer somewhere...

This room is more than I ever dreamed I could have..I'm very Blessed & grateful.

The freecycle Berkline recliner is a comfy. Right next to my Bose..perfect.

                                    Well, took a few pics so here we go...

This is my computer corner..1st machine is my Pfaff Select, then my Necchi Nora, Then my darling 3/4 machine...A 1925 Singer 99-13..They all sew beautifully.

I did a fast fold and stuffed it in..Ha.

 Opposite side of room..should have lit up my stained glass pretty.
                        Lots and Lots of daylight lighting
                          My comfy handwork corner.

                      So that's it peeps, for now anyway.

                                     Blessings to all..     

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Basement sewing Update

As promised, here are some pictures of his progress on the room..still more shelves to put up & a shelving system in front of the fireplace...Looks pretty darn good to me!

This is when my batteries died..excuse the mess please...

More shelving..
Other side of room from previous shelving. He will be adding a smaller shelf under these.

My Computer corner
Cutting table that will have sliders underneath..

   Design wall area     

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


While waiting for my sewing room fini, I've been doing a little painting...nothing realistic, just Folk/Decorative..

This is a frame I painted for my baby picture...well, the lower half anyway..I use Ceramcoat on everything...andwill put 3 light coats of varnish on it when it's done.

Still have to do the finishing here & there..I base coated it with Rookwood Red..

Here's Door hanger #1

#3 with some charms hanging

A plaque


      So, that's pretty much what I've been doing to pass the time..

              Will post updates as they happen...Blessings.