Thursday, January 4, 2018

Some Progress

I LOVE the Hugs & Kisses border I made!

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           Can I get a Whoop Whoop!

when we cut the side tri's..
I just made a couple coasters with cute.
 I have a particular Coral fabric I want to incorporate into the top of the quilt..
I used this fabric as my sashing 
 Do you see the name of this fabric? I couldn't make this up!
Click on the ABOVE pic to see.

 So many Gals are finished with their quilt tops.
And some have fini the Quilt & bound it.

 Rag quilt measuring 27" X 22.5" Preemie sized. This will also be going with the 2 machines to the shelter. Incredibly soft flannel, just came out of the wash.
 This Beefsteak Begonia I just put it in a bigger pot then it did this..Do you see the 2 Bloom stalks? I am thrilled that it is doing so well..The hanging plant is a 'Neon Pothos' that needs a trim. On the windowsill is a Bantel's Sensation Sansevieria.
Thank you my plant Fairies.

Finally...We are in the middle of a Blizzard.
 The snow has been coming down since 4:00 am sideways all day...
The winds are wicked.

I really haven't been feeling well lately.
 this Hiatal hernia really does hurt among all my other chronic pain.
I'm just a mess! Ha
I think that's why I haven't done more sewing..
well, there is another story to that but I won't get into it now.

Blessings to Everyone


cityquilter grace said...

love your mystery quilt so far....lovely colors

Vireya said...

Your mystery quilt is looking lovely. "Feather Your Nest" is a perfect fabric find!

Your plants must be glad to be inside when there is a blizzard outside.

Robin said...

I really like the alternate sashing on these blocks (on Ringo Lake). The use of the original sashing blocks for your border is very clever. I'm going to change my setting too. Nice job.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I really like the changes you made to the Mystery Quilt!! Opting for a single sashing fabric toned down the typical Bonnie busy-ness of the design. The hugs and kisses border is TOO cute!

C Huntington said...

Love the border!