Monday, May 14, 2018


For me Spring/Summer is a time for making Mosaics...Clay pots, Bird baths, Stepping stones & Cinder blocks to edge the stepping stone path.
I've done numerous planters, some still being grouted & sealed or drying in the garage.
I prep everything, whether it will be inside or outside with 3 coats of 3:1 PVA glue & water..I use Wellbond or construction glue for adhesive or Thinset for other outdoor things...Let dry at least a day or 2. then grout & let dry at least a day.
Then 3 coats of sealer...weatherproof or varnish.
Let dry 2 days at least..the longer you let each step dry, the better the bond will be.

This is a 2" pot

 Made this short so the Chippies could access...It has 4 perches.

This is a 3" pot
This is a plant stand.

Will be posting more pics as they dry.

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Vireya said...

Lovely mosaics! They are going to look beautiful filled with plants.