Friday, April 28, 2017

Lace re-Organization (sidetracked)

I decided to re-organize all my laces....I have done it the hard way about 2 yrs. ago, but I smartened up and bought a die for the winders....
I must have cranked out at least 50 of these winders on heavy cardstock on my Bigshot....That was almost enough for my smaller, narrow laces...
I haven't touched the wide laces that go up to 9" wide...Beautiful laces...I Love my Laces..

So, as I'm winding & winding & winding I had lots of time to think...
I wanted to make some kind of wall hanging for our bedroom.....
No planning on this one...just randomly put it together w/beads, pearls, appliques, charms, & lots of stickles.
(which doesn't show up on camera)
This is the top half
and the bottom half...41 inches long.
Here are some close ups...

Oh, and I must mention I'm in a monthly Drawing for Victorian Motto Flosses...
This month is Spooky Hallow ll
You can find her here Victorian Motto

Blessings to everyone

Thursday, April 13, 2017

This,That & everything else.

Just a few things...some bookmarks I made, and some of February's Stitching Club.
I made a few Hexies while killing time at the Dr.
Speaking of Hexies, Does anyone else out there love shopping at Harbor Freight?...
I picked this up & the dimensions are perfect for my Hexies, I absolutely love it. $3.99

 I'm keeping my papers that I punched in the side compartments.

And at the same time I found these...I Love, Love them for cutting batting..
They measure at 14"

Also, my Mr. picked up an American flag, embroidered & great quality for our flag pole. $ 3.99!
It's good sized too..

 I am linked to Quilting is more Fun than Housework

This quilt just came out of the dryer after being washed...I had it folded nicely & ready to take upstairs....oh well.

Ok, here is some stitching I work on in between everything else....or at night.
I Love everything Vintage, especially Linens, etc..I'll be crocheting thread around the edge for a border like they did back in the day.
this is a retro piece, so fun.

Oh, and I picked up some things from Bonnie's Shop...This is one of a set of 2 bags that I keep my ongoing yo-yo's in..perfect.

Blessings to Everyone

Friday, April 7, 2017

February's Stitching

 Book cover w/coordinated bookmark.
Pocket on the back cover

And some new houseplants

Philodendron 'Brandii'
Ponytail Palm
Nepthytis w/free tradescantia in bloom!
Dancing Queen
 Mystery bulb from Israel
Mostly Scented Geraniums after I trimmed them down.
Also a Beefsteak Begonia in the back w/another Nepthytis.
And 2 Chiritas in the front next to the 'Flapjack'.

 My coleus collection...... so far.
My Strawberry Jar of Succulents are doing great.
Dracaena 'Janet Craig' & prayer plant.
 2 varieties of Maranta
Red Aglaonema

Blessings to Everyone