Friday, June 23, 2017

Shawl in a Ball

This pattern is by Kristin Omdahl on You-Tube....
It's one of her many free patterns. Crochet.
It's called the 'Sanibella' shawl.
Pages of directions..nothing simple about this pattern.
 This is just changing colors over to coral.
I incorporate the beads with a steel crochet hook 1.4 MM. It's small enough to go through the bead.
I'm using 5 of Lion Brand's 'Shawl in a ball'..just in case I need the colorway 'Community Coral'
The beads I've had forever. I think they're size 6.
I'm using a size J hook.
The yarn is great to work with, just keep it loose and you will not have a problem.

This is a photo of her finished Shawl that is with the pattern.

I'm also Knitting a 'Feather & Fan' pattern Shawl with Lion Brand's 'Amazing' & 'Unforgettable' yarns..The pattern was Free from Ravelry.

Blessings to you

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Finishing a few WIPS

I just need to hand sew the lace down on the front cover.

 Pockets for basting glue, threads, Scissor pocket, pin keep, spool holder, pen pockets, magnifying glass pocket & a needle book.

Here are 2 more finishes..May & June's Monthly Mini's from Patchabilities.
That makes 6 complete out 12

My progress on my 'Love Blooms Here' quilt by Paula Stoddard published in 6 parts in the Quiltmaker magazine.
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Monday, June 12, 2017

Guess what I'm Making's very Large.
 All in the Peachy family.

I HAD to add some lace..
I can't help myself, I have to embellish.
I used Fig Tree fabric for the Lining
And my pockets are not on the Diagonal! Yay!

And just a quick charm pack rag quilt.
It seems you used to get more charms in a pack than you do now..

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Rag Quilts

These rag quilts sure are fun to make!..about 5 years ago a friend of mine gifted me 12 pumpkin blocks, all done by different Gals.
I finally put them in a quilt this morning..

Also made 2 pillowcases. One for me & one for my Son's body pillow...mine is made with 2 flannels with squirrels & acorns, his has WWII airplanes with a black background..He picked it...I have a little bit of his fabric leftover thinking of making a valance for his newly painted room....(Update)*** I made the valance but he doesn't want it , he said it was too young looking for him..which I understand..He has nice bamboo shades.

Also made another Rag quilt with a couple charm packs. Pretty roses.

And finally finished the rug I was crocheting with Bulky yarns..
 Just came out of the dryer...the back is also green.
I hand sewed rubber backing onto this measures around a yard in diameter.
washed & dried twice.
Forgot to mention this wrapped bowl I made..I keep my most used notions in it.
Always wanted to make one...I need thicker clothesline I think.
Used Christmas fabric scraps to make it.
Just took it out of the dryer..

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Sunday, June 4, 2017


Silks & Velvets with a very old Lace Applique...

This was made using 3 mini charm packs for the exterior...2 were 'Sunflower' by Kansas Troubles & one was 'Maple Island' by Holly Taylor..
I used various quilting stitches & several trims & laces.
I'm thinking of sewing a button closure on too.

 Charm Party Tote with Gail Pan fabrics

 'Improv' Tote made with strips from a swap.
Pattern from Crafty Gemini & Jenny Doan.
 It's a QAYG

 This one is called a 'Schlep' bag...It's huge!
I had the written pattern for a very long time so I figured I'd make one.

I also am going to make the 'Mondo' bag...I cut 208 2.5" squares the other night...just waiting for the pattern & the interfacing that comes with it to come in the mail.

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Always by my he fits back there is a mystery.

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