Saturday, March 25, 2017


Just a panel I forgot I had...machine quilted it & added lace. will use it as a table topper.
I just love these colors.
I used a variegated thread for quilting.
I had just enough of the lace to fini...about 3" leftover.

Now on my mouse pad.
Morgan is....
Always by my side. 

my assistant is....
sitting on my fabrics.

And when he gets bored he climbs...

 on the 3rd shelf up near the ceiling... 

 to see the other half of the basement?


Blessings to Everyone

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

En Provence #4 & #5

Life got in the way

But I finally got a breather to work on En Provence. Here's most of Clue #4........Love Bonnie's new Ruler!

I have roughly 20 more to make
and they're 1/2 done already.

Here's a mouse pad I just made. I've never had one in my new sewing studio...So I thought I would make one...why not.
I found a package of Timtex in my interfacings Bag...
I doubled it up & then quilted it which is hard to see. But it works great.
 Yes, I tape my mouse because it drops to the floor a lot..ha.
It measures 12" X 8 1/4"

And here are 4 flour sack towels I will be embroidering Herbs onto. Part of the Stitchery Club

Here's my progress on the Stitchery Club patterns...just 3 more colors then I decide what to make with it. Frame it, hang it, pin keep? measures roughly 6.5" X 6.5".


If I had to count how many pin keeps I've made I'd lose count.

Blessings to Everyone

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dedicated to my Dear Sister

This Prayer book I made is dedicated to my beautiful sister. I miss her every single day badly.
 My Sister Linda & I
She loved red roses.
My prayer cards

Lace pocket

My larger prayer cards I had laminated

 another pocket

The middle of the book

Rosary pocket

The back of the book.
I Loved her so very, very much. We worked at the same company & played softball for years..we had made it to 'A' division in just 4 years..We were always close.
She died the year my son was born. He was 3 mos. old..he is 24 now.
I will always believe the Lord gives & takes away.

Amaryllis Rozetta
Parade Gigi miniature rose

Waiting for Spring 
But in the meantime we have snow coming again...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Catching up

Ok, here's the 1st pattern of 5 for the month of February..

A jar of flowers

Here's a link to Jenny's Blog where All of her patterns are listed.
With links to her FB, Pinterest & Instagram.

Oh, should I mention we are in the middle of a wicked Blizzard...Yes, that's what the forecasters are calling it...Blizzard, life threatening, stay home & keep warm.
We expecting 18"-2 ft...who knows..

Blessings Everyone