Sunday, January 24, 2016

Progress here & there

Allietare #2, my quilt..
This was before I added the borders.
I'm linked to A Quilting Chick.
Again, I used a warmer pallette of colors for mine...Rusts, Dark Golds, Browns & green as the constant. I will be binding it with the green as well. Wishing Bonnie a Belated Happy Birthday! We all Love you in Quiltville Land! Thank you Dear Bonnie for another great mystery!
Wanted to show you the borders...The outer brown is a Judie Rothermel for Marcus fabrics..the brown outer border has red in it to match the inner border. I will be scalloping my borders but not Tom's. DH said not to, so I won't..He knows his brother.
Thought I would post some pics of the progress in the sewing room..not much to see studs, insulation boards & expanding foam. Some of the Girls on our Quilting forum wanted to see ...Oh, this pine smells soo good I changed my mind about staining it...baseboard is in the garage with 2 black ceiling fans & 4 black shop lights...I Love black to decorate with.. 

New boxes, wiring & insulation board.
The wall with no insulation is an interior wall. Doesn't need insulation.


Vireya said...

Beautiful Allietare! Must get a border on mine.

Cathy said...

Your Allietare is just gorgeous! It's on my "to do" list too. And I'm excited for you about the sewing room!!! It's going to be fantastic. Thanks so much for linking up!

donna said...

Your quilt top is gorgeous my dear.
WoW! You are going to have a wonderful sewing room.
I am so excited for you.

Mary Huey said...

Love your Allietare -- looks like a real old fashioned pieced quilt!!

Frances said...

Love the warm colours of your Allietare and well done for getting those borders done.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Those String Blocks worked really well in your version of Allietare!!