Sunday, February 12, 2017

Snow & more Snow LOVE

Well, with this last snow storm which was a Clipper because it came from the west. A Nor'easter comes from the south & moves up the coastline. We received roughly over a foot..wicked windy so hard to be exact..
it is now snowing again (10:50 a.m.)
which will continue through the night into tomorrow.

I counted 5 Juncos on the feeder I made, 2 Hairies on the cage suet & 7 Goldfinch on the Nyjer socks.
 Guess phone was dead, as was my tablet. My Canon camera is broke. So couldn't take a pic of them. 
But I did this morning.

Here are 5 goldfinch, the bottom one is just his tail & the top one is just his lower half.
These are filled with the Nyjer seed
Putting them up here by the windows makes it easier for me to bring in & fill...and keeps the Racoons away from them. Because the racoons will chew through the socks...I know this because these 4 socks are new. The 4th one is not in view.

 I'll be making a fresh batch of suet today & will put it out..
I'll try to get more pics.

Here are more
These have the Nyjer seed in them.
The suet cage hanging next to these can hold 1 recipe of homemade suet. I always make a double batch. I have 3 more cages besides this big one.

1 Cup Chunky Peanut butter (generic)
1 cup Lard or Crisco. Lard is what I use.
Melt these 2 ingredients in a bowl in the microwave until it simmers. (This will make it harden up)
To this add
2 cups Flour (any kind)
3 cups Cornmeal (I use stoneground)
1 cup Oatmeal
1 cup raisins
You can also add bird seed or any dried fruit or a couple Tbls. of sugar, but only in the winter use sugar.
Mix well.
Shape into whatever cage shape you have or any shape you want. Refrigerate a couple hours or freeze.

go feed the woodpeckers, wrens, nuthatches & chickadees!

This is my biggest cage. it fits 1 recipe of suet

Blessings Everyone


Vireya said...

Lucky birds to have your feeders to visit!

Mary Ellen said...

Now I am intrigued. How do the suet socks work? Apparently small birds can get to the suet through the sock material. How do you make the suet? Or where do you get it?