Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's new?

My Bow window south facing...20 Amaryllis at least. They will be going outside this summer & put in the sun.
I asked my Mr. for his old step ladder, which he was kind enough to give me...I cut a shelf to put on the bottom step & thinking of doing the same for the top.

Windows facing East.. Let's see...Holiday cactus next to a Red Aglaonema, Maranta on the sill next to Hoya Carnosa next to Pellonia & Pilea next to a Sansevieria 'Moonshine'

Strawberry Jar of succulents. Top is Aloe, Tricolor Jade, Sedum Burrito, & mini Jade.
This is an Alsobia... It's in a west facing window.

Aspidistra 'Milky Way'
It's between the north & west windows.

I was very excited to see it was pollinated! I just planted the seeds that were inside. I let them dry thoroughly first of course.

2 Pothos...which now have a fancier longer called Pothos.
Left is 'Marble Queen' & other is 'Neon'
West window.
I finished my 2 indoor mini gardens..what fun to make.
 In this corner there is a Humata 'Tyermanii' fern. In front of the pinecone.
 The fern on the left is a Asplenium 'Astral Gem' & next to it is a mini Saintpaulia.

This is the bigger one of the 2

Blessings to Everyone

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Vireya said...

What a wonderful collection of indoor plants!