Friday, March 10, 2017

January's Stitching Club

I'm a month or more behind because of my dratted printer wasn't working..Now we have a new printer but for the life of me I can't seem to connect wirelessly to the computer...I've tried all morning. is my January patterns fini.
 The pink background fabric has birds allover it.

Now onto February's!

Oops! My Morgan always by my side..

Oh, and has anyone seen a Spathiphyllum as big as this one?!
It's called 'Sweet Diablo'

Blessings Everyone

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Mary Ellen said...

I had a similar problem with my wireless printer. In the end I connected it with a printer cable to my computer for setting up. Once I had done that, I could unplug it from the computer and place it anywhere that it got the wireless signal and it worked fine. If you have a home Wi-Fi system, you will probably also need to know that password for the printer to work.