Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dedicated to my Dear Sister

This Prayer book I made is dedicated to my beautiful sister. I miss her every single day badly.
 My Sister Linda & I
She loved red roses.
My prayer cards

Lace pocket

My larger prayer cards I had laminated

 another pocket

The middle of the book

Rosary pocket

The back of the book.
I Loved her so very, very much. We worked at the same company & played softball for years..we had made it to 'A' division in just 4 years..We were always close.
She died the year my son was born. He was 3 mos. old..he is 24 now.
I will always believe the Lord gives & takes away.

Amaryllis Rozetta
Parade Gigi miniature rose

Waiting for Spring 
But in the meantime we have snow coming again...

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Sewing Up A Storm said...

It is hard losing a sister. I miss mine too. Your prayer book is just beautiful and will bring you lots memories when you use it.