Sunday, April 30, 2017

Needle Book

I felt the desire to make another needle book..
Pins I made

 Stilettos I use a lot
 My preferred needles are Richard Hemming
 Front of Book

I made a few changes today...

crocheted a tiny doily

 A very old magnetic needle case from Jane Greenoff.

 Added a thimble pocket

Oh look what Joann's sent me when I ordered a 10" & a 14" 
Look closely & see if you can see what's wrong with these 2 hoops. The sizes are correct.
It's something else..
I emailed them a not so nice message.


Vic in NH said...

Your newest needle case is over the top with creative stitching; good job! I'm not sure but I think that both of the hoops are missing their inner hoop? Each set should have two, right?

Sally Langston Warren said...

I think the inside hoops are missing. The person who packed it probably had no clue what they were packing.....How disappointing!!

Vireya said...

Well if they don't send you the other halves, you should get your money back. They aren't much use like that!

Karen said...

How pretty. Such an interesting use of vintage linens.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Yes, they are missing the inside hoops!! Unbelievable.

donna said...

Your needle books are gorgeous. Love all the vintage touches.