Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This & That

 A collection of Valentine/Love cards. I made all the envelopes yesterday.

 I think I might give this one to my son next year.
Mulberry paper, felt leaf, die cut deer & stamped sentiment.
I left the top open for writing a personal message.
Lace, Jute twine, inked edges, stickles, wood chip that I stamped on & colored.
with the envelope to go with.
While going through my Laces it occurred to me I could use a wide one for a stencil!
 Some of my wider laces...I have some that go up to 9" wide.
I through together this glue gun stand w/a plaque & tile.
I put 3 coats of sealer on the plaque.

 Altered 6X8 clipboard with Austrian crystals, sequins & bling
 A brooch I made w/lace flowers & a yo-yo.
 Folk card done w/watercolor pencils
These are the drawer units I painted flat black...couldn't take the white anymore. 
I put pretty papers on the face of the drawers just it wouldn't look so cluttered.
Bought these at a ridiculous bargain price & they were black to match!
A perfect fit under the cabinet leaf.

Blessings to Everyone


Sewing Up A Storm said...

Wow those cards are really pretty!

Vic in NH said...

Beautiful works!