Friday, June 23, 2017

Shawl in a Ball

This pattern is by Kristin Omdahl on You-Tube....
It's one of her many free patterns. Crochet.
It's called the 'Sanibella' shawl.
Pages of directions..nothing simple about this pattern.
 This is just changing colors over to coral.
I incorporate the beads with a steel crochet hook 1.4 MM. It's small enough to go through the bead.
I'm using 5 of Lion Brand's 'Shawl in a ball'..just in case I need the colorway 'Community Coral'
The beads I've had forever. I think they're size 6/0 Toho
I'm using a size J hook.
The yarn is great to work with, just keep it loose and you will not have a problem.

This is a photo of her finished Shawl that is with the pattern.

I'm also Knitting a 'Feather & Fan' pattern Shawl with Lion Brand's 'Amazing' & 'Unforgettable' yarns..The pattern was Free from Ravelry.

The cable on my circular needles I was knitting this shawl with came unscrewed from the needle & I lost all the stitches...Did my best to get them back on the needle but the lace pattern is probably going to be messed up. Thankfully I'm not too far into it, my hair might hide the boo~boos.

Blessings to you


Vic in NH said...

OMG! That looks complicated but with beautiful results so far...keep us posted of your progress!

Robin said...

I think that is why I don't knit. Stitches just keep coming off my needles and I must twist them as I put them back on because it never looks quite right. The shawl in the picture is lovely. I can see why you would want to make one.