Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fini Part #4

Well, I managed to fini Part #4 this morning (Saturday)..around 8:00 am.
Insomnia got me up @ 3:00 AM, brewed a pot of coffee & sewed.
My favorite time of the day really.
 I did make a few extras as I've learned in my experience you never know when you'll need them.
So Parts #1, #2, #3 & #4 are completed. Ready for #5..
I will be linking up to the Linky Party on Monday.

My L/E has been postage stamps....
still waiting for my backordered background fabric for my Bonnie's Scrappy Irish Chain...

This is a 1940 basket full of 1.5" sqs.

 A friend of mine (Misha) tagged me to a Woman on the Friendship FB group who was giving away a shoebox full of postage stamps! Well, they are coming my way!!! Yippee!
Her only condition was that I give to my favorite charity....Sooo...I decided to give a couple working vintage machines to a Homeless Mothers' shelter in Northampton...not far..about 35-40 miles north.
The same Woman is giving me some fabric as these Mother's will be able to sew for their babies right away...How Beautiful is that?
Plus I have too much Juvenile/Nursery fabrics...I'll go through them & see what I can donate too.

At night I work on my 2 Forever projects (one at a time) I switch off.
Lately I've been in the Hexie mood.
I'll be going all the way around in a single row with the dark brown.
Designing as I go.

Blessings & Good Health to Everyone

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bonnie's 'On Ringo Lake' #3

This is partly done...The cutting is fini, now I'm in the sewing phase.
I stacked the fini ones in pairs by that's 68 units so far.

You can find the Mystery here
Ringo Lake Mystery

I will be linking up to the Linky party
Linky Party #3

Been making some progress. I've had to sew in the recliner with my hand crank on my lap & pushed out a few more...(Because of my Tummy issue)... I'm just over 3/4 of the way done.

Yet to be sewn.

Well, I managed to finish these on my hand crank being unable to sit at my machine...But part #3 is Done!!

The fabric I needed for my L/E (Triple Irish Chain) is on backorder (of course)...So I'm thinking of just sewing a lot of 1.5" squares together into 4 patches...Would LOVE to make a Postage Stamp quilt one of these days.
My 1940's basket of 1.5" squares.

Also I've been sewing Hexies today as I can't sit & sew at the machine for long periods of time.

Soo, that's my plan for tomorrow & the day after, etc., etc.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ringo Lake Part #2

Here's my Part #2 for Bonnie's Mystery
I made extras because you never know in my experience..
One year long ago I sent a package to a friend & guess what she found in the box?...1 of my units for the mystery! crazy.

Once in the zone it goes quickly...fini on Saturday afternoon.
I used the Easy Angle & Companion rulers because I forgot I had Bonnie's triangle ruler...oh well. Next time.

I'm loving these colors.

Thank you Bonnie!

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Linky Party Ringo Lake

You can find the mystery here

And this is part #1

I'm linked to

Oh, BTW...I saw the nicest Christmas Tree pattern on City Mouse Quilter Grace's Blog...But my Christmas fabric stash is pathetically small. All I have is a few 10" squares..oh well, another time. But it was really Darling!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

So Many Quilts So Little Time

Well, one row of Bonnie's Wild N Goosey sewn on my Pfaff Select because my Pfaff QE 4.2 is being cleaned @ my LQS Quilts & Treasures about 2-3 miles down the hill.
Now I can't get it to cooperate. changed the needle, bobbins & threads...doesn't want to sew. 
I'll keep trying till it does.

Well, it doesn't like to have 2 different threads, that was easy. This has been my L/E for Bonnie's Mystery.
I'm thinking on what kind of border I'll be putting on it..I always think ahead like that...I'll go take a peak at Bonnie's Gallery on Pinterest.

Blessings & Good Health to Everyone

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bonnie's On Ringo Lake Part #1

You can find On Ringo Lake HERE
The Linky Party is HERE

I got a little sidetracked on Friday doing Laundry & putting away Autumn decorations..
I had ditched our big Christmas tree this past summer when we had a dumpster. So I found a cute 3 foot tree w/stand on clearance.
 I put that up & made a tree skirt for it.

It wasn't until Saturday that I started cutting & sewing...Love my Accuquilt Go!

#Quiltville #OnRingoLake #Quiltvillemystery

I'm linking up with... Oh Scrap!
                                               Monday Making   
                                                  Design Wall Monday
                                             Moving Forward Monday

Some of the fabrics I used are Buggy Barn, Blackbird, lots of organic fabrics & swirls..

I have a few extra strips so I'll use them up & make additional units.. maybe for corner stones or in the border somewhere...Whatever was leftover I sewed into units...I might not even use them in the quilt...I like sewing them onto my T~shirts & Hoodies.

My L/E for this mystery has been my lozenges challenge...
I now have 9 rows completed..just need to sew the last 2 rows on.

This is 9 rows

I think I'm stopping here. I make too many big quilts. This is good for the sofa. 78" X 56"
I'm piecing the backing now.

Blessings & Good Health to All

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Getting Ready

My Feathers are flying everywhere.

I spent some time yesterday & today doing laundry. Washing my darks, mainly the browns that are mostly from Blue Hill...A few of the Turquoise fabrics...I might wash the corals too.
These are the ones I've pressed..

The colors aren't coming through true...these fabrics are dark brown.

These fabrics are washed but I haven't had the time to press them yet...I'll do that today.
Again these are all dark browns, no green at all.
Some other CW fabrics too.
Washed most of the blues & corals

I hung some of the smaller pieces in my sewing room.
I have several clotheslines up in my basement on the other side. Also by the laundry area..BTW I am not fond of my front loading washer & dryer..Wish I had a large capacity top loader again.

My L/E project for the mystery will be Bonnie's Irish Chain quilt...(my 2nd one)
This time I had to use my 2.5" squares because I just have too many.

I need to make 33 of these blocks & 33 of the background blocks..Course I had to figure new dimensions to cut the fabrics to make them come out @ 10.5" instead of Bonnie's 8".
From her 2nd book.
 Haven't pulled a backing yet, have to go through them to see what I have.

I think it's ok to post pics of her quilt...I think it's just that we can't post the pattern..
If I'm wrong, please correct in the comments & I'll delete the pics.


Blessings & good Health to Everyone