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I need to re take photos of all my quilts...I had a virus that shrank all my pictures.

Jan Patek's 'Baskets & Beeskep'
is a Finish!!

May's Monthly Mini
 and June's Monthly Mini

I now have 6 of 12 finished Monthly Minis.

It seems we used to get more charms in a pack. 1 charm pack made 3 rows of 10.

 These pumpkin blocks were given to me about 5 years ago...
I thought I should put them in a quilt already.
I appliqued the pumpkin blocks onto 10" squares first, so the quilt would be cohesive.
Soft Flannel Preemie quilt that will be going to the shelter with the 2 machines & box of nursery fabrics.

This tumbler was made with 2.5" squares.

This is a Jenny Doan pattern
Embroidered some green twirlies on top of the pumpkins & went around all of them with black floss to give dimension
Just a panel I hand quilted

 Bee in my Bonnets Row Along
was gifted to Dear friends in Maryland.

120" X  120" Celtic Solstice

                     A very heavy Chenille quilt made with cut up chenille bedspreads. The backing is a Chenille Bedspread + it has batting too..One of my very first quilts. I use this one in the winter, for our harsh New England winters.

 My Computer Dust Cover
October Monthly Mini

 Novembers Monthly Mini...There are 12 in the set..

 Decembers Monthly Mini..I added Paillettes, Lights, Shimmery Snowflakes & Jingle Bells.

March Mini

"Twinkler" quilt. hand quilted.

 Fidget Quilt for Alzheimer patients..we have one that's local. Wish to God I had made one for my Mother.             
Split 9 Patch
 Bonnie's 2013 L/E Challenge. Hand quilted with Bonnie's Free Hand Baptist Fan tutorial..the border took me longer to quilt than the top.      
"Autumns Glory"

          Bonnie's mystery "Easy Street"..I did mine with my 30's stash.
Aurifils BOM

Halloween Crazy quilt

My version of Bonnie's Floribunda

Bonnie's Ohio Stars & Rails. Hand quilted.
Roll Roll Cotton Boll

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