My Gardens

~~~~January 2018~~~~
Houseplant update

Begonia 'Griffin'

Baby palm..I have it hanging because My cat likes to munch on it.
Lipstick plant
Beefsteak Begonia with 2 bloom stalks..

Both Aglaonemas
Aglaonema 'Cutlass'

 Holiday Cactus, very, very old.

 These are the stems to one of my red Aglaonemas.

 This is a fussy Ctenanthe.
 Marble Pothos
 Neon Pothos

 My Hoya Carnosa when it was small.
 One of my favorites..Tahitian Bridal Veil.
 Tahitian Philodendron
 Sansevieria 'Moonlight'
 Brasil Philodendron

 I Love my Nepthytis plants..I have a few.
Cat Palm
 Another Hoya
 Long ago I planted 2 varieties together.
 Dracena 'Janet craig' ..underplanted with Maranta
 Blue Star Fern
 Satin Philo
 Neon Pothos
 Marble Pothos on the Left then a Cissus Grape Ivy 

 Sansevieria 'Moonlight'
 Beefsteak Begonia, which currently has 2 flower spikes.

Dracena 'Janet Craig' Bloom stalk.

July 18th, 2017

 10 of my hanging house plants are in this tree for the summer.

 Bleeding Heart
 My Caladium collection

Pretty pink Flox

March 29th 2017
 Spathiphyllum 'Diablo'
 Miniature Rose "Parade Gigi'

December 5th, 2016
Here are some of my House plants..
 4 blooms on 1st stalk & 4 blooms on 2nd stalk
 Aspidistra 'Milky Way'
 Dish Garden ... Rattlesnake Calathea, Aglaonema, Pilea 'Dark Mystery & Nepthytis
 Alocasia 'Black shield'
Aglaonema Red
 Lipstick Vine
 Sansevieria 'Bantels'

Grocery store special Begonia

Philodendron 'Brasil' I Love, Love this plant. I keep cutting from it again & again.
 Philodendron 'Satin' & a geranium "Cissus" behind
Alocasia 'Black Shield'..Anthurium in the back. I'm shooting through the plastic of my indoor greenhouse

 This Holiday cactus is Coral
  a beautiful Begonia...Look at that color

 Blue Star Fern

 Philodendron 'Hope' I believe

 Anthurium Pink
 Hoya 'Hindu Rope'

 Pteris Fern 'Ensiformis'
I keep it in a glass jar out of the sun
Brasil Philodendron

November 4th, 2016

I harvested seeds this morning...I never do this before November 1st. That way they are mostly dry.

Blanket Flower~Perennial
Montauk Daisy~Perennial
Tree Peony~Perennial
Blue Lake Beans

Tomorrow I'll take a walk around & see if I have enough Rose hips to harvest....I have 8 rose bushes.

We suffered a severe drought this summer. I cried when I saw my Verbascum. It's a dead bush. Devastated.
Another death was my Goatsbeard Bush. Another beauty.
And lastly, My Serviceberry.

Looks like I'll be making a trip to 'Gardener's Dream' Nursery...if you're looking for something, you'll find it there.
That's where I purchased the 3 dead bushes.

I had some strange things growing this year...None of which we planted. This is how nature works..
There was a 60-70 ft. Pumpkin vine loaded with flowers.
2 varieties of Morning Glories
Dill everywhere
3 tomato plants
My Zinnias reseeded themselves.
Cosmos that I planted 5 years ago. it's an annual.
But, my Sunflowers never came up. I have a perennial Sunflower that died I think.

Ligularia, shade Lover with very large leaves
Big Blue
Friendship Rose in front
Morning sun in the Shade Garden
Shade Garden newly planted
One of our Astilbes
  Big Blue leaf
Sum & Substance
Native Daylilies...tough resilient plant.
Asian Lily
My Mr. grows these, I prefer daylilies.

 These beauties are carefree Daylilies

Native Pink Honeysuckle, the pink variety is not often seen up here in the north.
 Roughly 16 ft. tall

Balloon Flower perennial 

Gorgeous Zonal Geranium

4th of July Tomato
25 yr. old Tree Peony Fuschia colored blooms 

Pink Speedwell, perennial
Coral Azalea
 Azalea "Gilbraltar"

 Nasturtiums that reseed themselves, annual. Basil behind it.

Black Spruce~very, very hardy here in zone 5b. compact growth. Montauk daisy planted in front.
 Big Blue next to a 4" post

Blue Lake variety, delicious
"Cha Ching Cherry" petunia
                             "Forest Pansy" Redbud
 Love the heart shaped leaves
My Amber Carpet Rose
 Our very old Clematis...have long forgotten its name.

Clematis out front

Native Columbine .. have since put it in the shade garden. We now have 8 of these from one plant.
 Cosmos reseeds itself every year. Annual.

Our crazy Weigelia...the Hummingbirds love it though.
 Crimson King...I consider this MY tree.

Dawn Redwood, loves to be wet..very soft & fast grower.

Fagus Purpureum, Purple Beech.
Newly planted 2015.
Talk about profuse grower, moved this to the shade garden. It came with the property. But planted in the wrong place..
Fernleaf Bleeding Heart.

My favorite Knock Out Rose we have..Its a double.

May 30th, 2014

Another Zonal Geranium I overwinter these.
My favorite perennial, Verbascum. A very old variety.
Zebra Grass clump..we started with 1 plant & now have 7
Under the Sycamore out front
3 varieties of Calibrachoa & 'Ace Of Spades' Sweet Potato Vine
Knock Out Rose 'Cerise'
 Pot out front
Joe Pye Weed..Butterflies & Bees Love it
Pretty Hyacinth

May 6th, 2014.....11:15 A.M.
'Bloodgood' Japanese Maple 

Native Mountain Laurel 

Lupines..'Chatelaine' & 'Gallery Red' 
Red Nova Rhododendron 
'Quaker Ladies' 
 Our big Red Maple

Pink Phlox..perennial 
Double Knock out Rose 'Radtkopink' 

Lantana..a annual up here in zone 5. I overwinter it every year. 
My most favorite annual is this Lobelia, I just love it.
another Hosta..



Anonymous said...

Wow! What a totally awesome sight! It feels as though I've had a tour of your Personal Botanical Garden, all without leaving my computer desk. It's absolutely glorious, and so well photographed. You've inspired me to try to find those Double Knockout roses, and possibly a Dawn Redwood tree. I noticed you were unsure of the name of one of your clematis at the time of posting. Is it a Nellie Moser? I've had many of your same plants in my garden at one time, but am unable to do much these days, so have a limited area to keep up.
Thanks so much for the photos of your spectacular garden. They are truly a delight!!
Cheryl in Ontario, (aka 'qltmkr1' on quilting forum)

Feathers in my Nest said...

Thank you so very much Cheryl!...No, not a Nellie Moser. We have since moved it to the front of the house in the shade of our Sycamore Maple and transplanted our Zephrin Drouin rose bush to where that clematis was...Both are very happy now.