DECEMBER 10, 2017
Red Bellied Woodpecker . 
He's a regular visitor.

October 27th, 2015

I was very excited to see my 1st Red Squirrel in the yard on Sunday the 25th..boy, what great camoflauge they have with the leaf cover..Smaller than a Black & bigger than a Chippie...and FAST!..hoping to get a pic if he comes back..they usually don't visit feeders being very skiddish..
they like living in & around Coniferous forests..they're main foods are from the White Pines, Spruces & Hemlocks...they eat the pinecone seeds, needles among other things like the inside of certain barks. Hazel, Chestnut & Beech nuts, all of which we have plus lots of acorns..

 One of our resident Black Squirrels
 Mr. Blue Jay steals my Peanuts for the chippies & Squirrels

My resident Catbird. He follows me around the yard & talks to me..He's very cool.
Beautiful Cardinal

 Male Ruby Throat
Saw my first Hummingbird of the season today at my feeder...I had just put it out on the 1st of May, just in time...What's funny is this one is a new one I've never had before.....much darker, no ruby throat so must be a female..sweetest little hummingbird..made my day that's for sure......I'll try to get a pic but they are super sonic fast to catch on film.....May 2nd 2014, 6:00 p.m.

 Male Hairy
 Turkey Vulture
 2 Juncos & a Goldfinch
A Goldfinch & a Junco

Female Cardinal
Juncos...prefer to eat off the ground
Male Hairy
 My Resident Wren
Here he is again 
Northern Flicker shot with 50x zoom
I Love my Sweet Chippies. This one is stuffing her cheeks with black oil. 
 Song Sparrow..if you've ever heard them sing its absolutely heavenly.
My Nuthatch..always at the feeders.

This rabbit is trying my patience for sure...while being very beautiful, she is eating my young & tender Hosta leaves as they emerge in the shade garden a few feet away.....as if there isn't enough Clover to eat! and wild Violets! and tender grass shoots!

     State bird Chickadee

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Squirrel said...

How delightful! I might start a page like this on my blog. I have so many beautiful garden visitors. Your black squirrels are precious!
Rosey x