Friday, February 3, 2017

Another Feather in my Nest

Another feather in my nest...sigh. 
I'm making 2 indoor Faerie Gardens. So much Fun. Wish I had a little one to help me.

This is my 1st Outdoor Faerie Door with a Lantern! I'll be making a moss path, lined with either bark or stones. I'll make a Welcome sign too.

Does it look inviting?
 It will be up against a mossy tree in the shade garden. Or maybe closer to the house by the shed there's lots of moss & plenty of trees. In the shade too.
I would enter through this door💜
This is the ladder that leads to the platform where the door will be.
26-27" high.
This is a Faerie I painted, it was a gift for Valentine's Day 2002. Then there's the Trellis I made..these are for my Wheelbarrow garden.

My 1st Faerie Home for Outdoors
Because we all know how faeries collect sparkly, shiny things.

 Followed a tute on you tube....but made my style.
1st layer is foil, then duct tape inside & out, then decoupage paper towels over everything. I was amazed how sturdy it is.
5 coats of varnish/sealer.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Stitchery Club

I've joined Jenny of Elefantz Stitchery Club for one year, maybe are Decembers' designs that I made into a wallhanging.

 Appliques & itty bitty buttons
It's made like a little quilt..Sort of.

I played & played around with arrangements for these blocks & this is the best I could come up with.
Not my best attribute.

Then I ran out of the framing fabric..ugh. So I pieced what small pieces I had left to make the last frame, hence the rick rack. Trying to disguise it. Sometimes that can back fire on you.

But overall I'm pleased with it.

I used Victorian Motto 20 yd. skeinsGentle Arts Sampler thread, and some DMC..

I've linked up to Freemotion by the River

Onto January's patterns.

Blessings to everyone & stay warm wherever you may be.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

AnnaLee Collection

I've been collecting these darlings since the early 80's....I saved my money every pay period just to go to the flower shop on Sumner Ave. and buy one...They also sold Byers, but they didn't do it for me. The AnnaLees I couldn't keep away from.

I suppose I should say many people think they are weird or scary looking..I do not see it myself.

They have changed over the years whereas their faces were always painted on in the early days, but now they are a one piece decal that is glued on.

 Their little facial expressions have changed a lot.
I greatly prefer the 80's & 90's dolls. I have a couple earlier. 60's & 70's. I believe they started making them in the 50's. Their company was located in Meredith, New Hampshire at that time, but they have since moved down the road a bit.

This is just Some of my collection.

Every few years I give all my Annalees a bath.

My Valentine display that's not finished.
 That's the 'Earth Day' Mouse on the top shelf I need to move.
The 8" Valentine Elf is new, I gave him a bouquet of flowers for his honey. My little 6" Valentine girl is carrying a big heart bead on her right arm..I thought it looked good.
And I found this lighted ribbon in my ribbon basket, the lights are red. I painted this wicker shelving with dark green spray paint. I thought it would go with all the holidays.
I took this pic at night which was a bad idea.

My Valentine guy.

These are my newest ones..Christmas mice. one is in Santas bag holding a present & the other is one of the many  'Peppermint' mice they make.

Ok, we have the big 12" Deer with the 6" one under him, both from the 'woodland set'.
The Christmas Elf is 12", the next Deer is 8" & then the 6" 'Sparkle' Christmas Elf.

This Elf & Deer set was my very 1st purchase.
 I positioned the deer to sit down..and the Elf is hanging on! I re position them when I put them out for the Holidays.
6" set

These are my Christmas Candle boys.
I had to add flames to their candles and the holly, pointsetta & snowflake too. Umm, I put a jingle bell on the tip of their hats. The middle mouse is carrying his tail..These are the 6" mice.

I have the male & female Christmas mice.
This is the large female with her muff..Just added a bit of lace & ric rac for her tootsies.
I also have Mr. & Mrs. Claus that are 18" tall each..
This one is 12"

This is the male Christmas mouse, 12".
I added jingle bells to his toes. A Christmas tree to the end of his tail. I wrapped gold glitter ribbon around the base of the candle & gave it a flame too. Just so frilling cute!
My Halloween witch.
I wrapped a broom for her to carry. Put little candy beads in her pumpkin basket. Added the ghost to the bag as well.
I have 2 flying Halloween witches hanging over my kitchen sink.

These are my Easter/Spring collection.
Let's see, I added the egg & flowers to the mouse. Added the bow & flowers to the male Elf & made a skirt for the lady elf & gave her a rose to carry.
This is my oldest one. She's wearing a new dress I made because all she had on was an apron.Tied a ribbon around her neck & made her the Egg staff. See how nice & pretty their eyes are compared to the new ones.

I have more but they are all wrapped & boxed up...don't feel like going through the boxes, Ha.

Thanks for visiting & stay warm wherever you may be.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Organizing Laces & Trims

I thought I would try and organize my laces...I do it by width. I have some that are 9" wide..My most favorite laces are the cotton tea dyed..

I spent hours making these doubled cardstock lace winders/keepers for the smaller laces.
As you can see I've been using quite a bit of them..My trims are getting low too.

Can you tell I Love to embellish?
 These are the very wide ones.

Rick Rack?
This is a big basket though it doesn't look it.
 More lace
and below are some of my little roses...I have a huge basket of all different colors of them.
 My shaped sequins. Cats, Moons, Stars, Flowers, Paillettes, Butterflies, Hearts and snowflakes.
My prettiest laces 
These 2 stitcheries are patterns from Jennie of Elefantz Stitchery Club
She does exquisite work.
I joined her club!

Blessings to Everyone