Friday, May 26, 2017

Birthday Present!!

Wow, Wow! 
My Mr. Gave me the most beautiful, wonderful Bible I've ever owned...Leather bound, Christ's words are in Red, Colored maps, large print. About 10" X 7.5"..nice big size...I'm in Heaven!

And not a spec of ink will be going in this bible..
I Love, Love, Love this Bible!

I just finished making this cover for protect & make it easier to carry..
This is my other Bible I've been journaling in..
New Testament only.
 This one is so old I had to tape half the pages because they just fall apart when touched.
I've owned it since junior high school.
The back
I have another old one too, it's very delicate as well. It was a gift from a very special person so I keep it covered & keep it in my hutch.

It was given to me when I was in High School.

I've been doing some journaling as I read my bible..
I have a travel sized journal/notebook & one for home..
This stays in my pocketbook.
 Burlap, Gauze, felt, lace & a couple mini doilies I fussy cut.
Also a wood chip I stamped & colored.
The back is burlap layered with felt & fabric topped with another stamped wood chip.
It measures roughly 6" X 5"
It's a regular 10.5" X 8" notebook.
This is my home bible journal/notebook.
Just started putting words & images in it.

Here are some other things I've been doing while waiting for the basement to get cleaned out so I can quilt.

 These card have all been done with Fantasia Premium Artist watercolor pencils
The images are from Carolee's Adornit Collection.

Then I altered this wooden key
 I primed it with 3 coats of flat black spray paint & a couple coats of lacquer over that..
Then I papered both sides, inked the edges, added flowers, pearls, bows, feathers at the top with a pearl spray & lastly I added glittered Tulle.
Then gave it a quick spray of sealer.

Here are 4 ATC's I managed to throw together
Bird themed.
 I made these cute little boxes with my envelope punch board!!
I didn't realize it could make boxes!
and that's just my favorite corner punch I prettied up because it's quite old.

And Lastly, I altered the tin the watercolor pencils came in..

I haven't decided what to store in it yet...
maybe some prayers or images.

Here is the cover I just made

Pockets on both sides of interior

Blessings to Everyone & TFL

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This & That

 A collection of Valentine/Love cards. I made all the envelopes yesterday.

 I think I might give this one to my son next year.
Mulberry paper, felt leaf, die cut deer & stamped sentiment.
I left the top open for writing a personal message.
Lace, Jute twine, inked edges, stickles, wood chip that I stamped on & colored.
with the envelope to go with.
While going through my Laces it occurred to me I could use a wide one for a stencil!
 Some of my wider laces...I have some that go up to 9" wide.
I through together this glue gun stand w/a plaque & tile.
I put 3 coats of sealer on the plaque.

 Altered 6X8 clipboard with Austrian crystals, sequins & bling
 A brooch I made w/lace flowers & a yo-yo.
 Folk card done w/watercolor pencils
These are the drawer units I painted flat black...couldn't take the white anymore. 
I put pretty papers on the face of the drawers just it wouldn't look so cluttered.
Bought these at a ridiculous bargain price & they were black to match!
A perfect fit under the cabinet leaf.

Blessings to Everyone